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The beginning of the tour season and the meeting of charter groups in the hotel "Asia Bukhara".

DATE_PUBLISH: 01.06.2017

This became a good tradition - the beginning of the tour season and the meeting of charter groups in the hotel "Asia Bukhara".

Every year the hotel "Asia Bukhara" in a special way meets the beginning of the tourist season and charter groups from the tourist company "Marco Polo". These days karnai-surnai and darbazi entertain guests with their music and dances. Refreshing tea and drinks can quench your thirst for guests. And the dastarkhan of eastern sweets adorns this event with its refinement and beauty.


May 24, 2017 in the conference hall of the hotel "Asia Bukhara" a meeting of the hotel's general director K. Mahmudov with a delegation from the city of Bonn, Germany led by the head of the international department of the mayor's office Bonn with Mrs. Lina Fruh and other members of the twin city. During the meeting, bilateral relations and the results of the project "Sustainable Bukhara" were discussed, after which the hotel "Asia Bukhara" was awarded an international certificate. This event was held in a friendly atmosphere.


From 26 to 28 May 2016 in the city of Bukhara, the traditional festival "Silk and Spices" was held. The festival program included master classes of artisans, national games and cooking of Bukhara plov. During the festival, guests, the diplomatic corps and the participants of this event lived in hotels of Bukhara, as well as in the hotel "Asia Bukhara". The restaurant "Asia Bukhara" was given a dinner on behalf of the governor of Bukhara region, dinner was organized for the diplomatic corps. In addition, the VIP guests of this event lived in the hotel "Asia Bukhara".